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Our vision is to strive for excellence in sustainable development for pacific island people

To be a center of excellence for teaching, training and research based capacity building for climate change and sustainable development in the Pacific Island region.

The PaCE-SD vision leads the way in development of a research culture that serves the region by involving communities and stakeholders by building on successful track record of international research and aid funding. The vision supports the USP Strategic Plan promoting excellence in learning and teaching, a commitment to students and the region through the standards of good governance, leadership and transparency to achieve environmental sustainability.

We at PaCE-SD use the Brundtland Commission's definition of sustainable development “meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." The pillars of sustainable development are environmental, social and economic.


  1. To train future climate leaders with Post Graduate Diploma (PGDip), Master of Science (MSc) and Doctorates(PhD)in climate change.
  2. To conduct integrated studies of climate change and sustainable development.
  3. To improve synergism inside and outside USP in dealing with climate change and promoting sustainable development.
  4. To promote science-policy interactions and project level involvement among governments, regional partners and USP.
  5. To enhance local knowledge systems and community based utilization of natural resources towards culturally-appropriate climate adaption and sustainable development pathways.
  6. To coordinate, stimulate, catalyse and carry out environmental teaching, research and consultancy at USP. 
  7. To facilitate Pacific Island Countries use of USP knowledge and expertise in issues of climate change, environment, sustainable development and resource management. 


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