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PACE-SD has produced a number of refereed papers; books/chapters; technical documents; research proposals, concept papers and consultancy reports during the last five years and only papers connected with PACE's work is listed here.


(Alonk et al. 2012; Hemstock & Smith 2012; McNamara & B.Togahai 2012; McNamara et al. 2012; N‘Yeurt et al. 2012; N’Yeurt 2012; Nuttall 2012; Payri et al. 2012; Wairiu et al. 2012; Food Security Research Group 2013; Hemstock 2013; N’Yeurt & Iese 2013; Prasad et al. 2013; Singh & Hemstock 2013; Holland et al. 2014; Iese et al. 2014a; Iese et al. 2014b; Jacot-des-Combes et al. 2014; N'Yeurt & Iese 2014; Newell & Bola 2014; Nuttall et al. 2014a; Nuttall & Kaitu’u 2014; Nuttall et al. 2014b; Nuttall et al. 2014c; Nuttall et al. 2014d; Nuttall & Veitayaki 2014; Hemstock (No Date); Rosillo-Calle et al. (No Date))


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