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About Us

PaCE-SD is a centre for excellence in environmental education, research and community engagement in the Pacific Island Region.

PaCE-SD fosters the development of a research and education culture that serves the region by involving communities and stakeholders.

PaCE-SD works closely with a range of local, regional and global development partners, governments, CSOs etc to expand their reach and efficacy in the region.

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Community Resources

The 2016 Fiji Ant-Mealybug Bioinvasion by R. R. Thaman

Threat to Food, Health, Livelihood, Cultural
and Environment Security in the Pacific Islands

Climate News

Climate Resources

Climate and Weather Data

Hazards and Disasters

Ocean Data

Seasonal Forecasts

Tropical Cyclone

Weather Forecasts


📌 Reminder Alert!
#COP26 virtual information session to help @UniSouthPacific students who would like to put an application to participate in @COP26 at the end of the year!!! Zoom link is on the poster ... register now!!

Congratulations to Dr. Vineet Chandra of Fiji!

Dr. Chandra is the recipient of the Gold Medal & ANZ Prize for the most outstanding PhD graduate.

Such an inspiration to all #climatechange activists and students alike, out there! @pace_sd

#USP #ShapingPacificFutures

#JOINUS for a virtual information session Thursday (24/06) from 11am - 12pm #FijiTime if you would like to apply to participate @COP26 - calling @UniSouthPacific #PostGraduate students (refer to posters for info)
Please register here https://forms.gle/6HXptPXapG22DCfn6


get in touch with our #EUPACRES team #Vanuatu #SolomonIslands @EUPasifika @UniSouthPacific @SprepChannel 🙌

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