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Name: Dr Morgan Wairiu

Tel: +679 3232578


Job Title: Acting Director


Dr Morgan Wairiu is currently the Acting Director of PACE-SD. He obtained his PhD in Environmental Soil Science from Ohio State University in USA and Master of Science from Aberdeen University in Scotland. Dr Wairiu has broad knowledge on Pacific regions environment and development issues including Government structures and systems both at National and community levels. He has over 25 years work experience in the environment field including climate change adaptation and risk resilience in Solomon Islands and the Pacific region.He also has wide experience Capacity Building and Human Resources Development including training needs assessment and workshop planning and organization.

  • Provide academic & administrative leadership in support of PACE-SD Director
  • Build on existing PACE-SD climate change programme in climate Science, Adaptation, Disaster Risk Management & Sustainable Development
  • Develop strong regional research network to ensure research capacity in the Pacific Islands Region
  • Develop portfolio of research & development projects including seeking funds
  • Provide a senior role in staff management & student supervision (Masters and PhDs thesis research)
  • Lead and support effective team work within PACE-SD community

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