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Dr. Tammy Tabe

Job Title: Lecturer

Courses Currently Taught: PC414: Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation.

Tel: 3232 485

Email: tammy.tabe@usp.ac.fj

Background: Tammy emerged from a background of Marine Studies with a deep interest in the role of Marine Protected Areas and their socio-economic impacts on local Pacific communities, developed while studying at the University of the South Pacific. Her research later took a significant turn when she decided to explore the relocation history of the I-Kiribati people in Solomon Islands as a result of extended periods of drought. In her research, she focuses on the construction and reconstruction of identity of the Solomon Islands I-Kiribati diaspora as a minority Micronesian community in a large Melanesian-dominated society and nation state. She further investigated the historical and colonial relocation of the I-Kiribati people to the Solomon Islands in her PhD thesis, where she provides a comprehensive account and analysis of this forced relocation. Her research examines the changes and challenges these people encountered as settlers in a foreign land, and how they have adapted and become integrated into the local community over the years. Having this study as a platform, she hopes that her research on these early processes of forced relocation will contribute significantly towards policy-making and governing for Pacific Island states that are being affected by climate change and whose people may become subject to future relocation.

Research, Scholarly, and Professional Interests: Migration, Climate Change, Gender Studies, Pacific Cultures and Identity, Diaspora, Marine resources management, Marine Protected Areas, Social and Cultural anthropology